Hmmmm…what should I say about myself? My name is Kirsten Pedersen. If you’re a foreigner  I can tell you that it is not pronounced the way you think, i.e. it does not involve the employment of a hard K. But by all means, I am used to a large range of pronunciations after having lived abroad for more than a decade and generally do not mind whichever way it comes out. I chose the name Catholic of Thule from the reference of the old greek name of Thule to the North in general and, according to some theories, Norway in particular. I can assure everyone it has absolutely no connection with the adoption of the word by any right extremist, racist and/or esoteric groups!

I am a convert to the Faith, and was received into the Catholic Church at the Easter vigil of 2003. In the autumn of 2009, I returned to my native country of Norway after a spell of a little over a decade in Ireland, though I always travelled home frequently during that time to see my family. Moving from an area  where I was surrounded by Catholic churches with Masses available from morning to evening, adoration etc. to the western Norwegian countryside, which boasts stunning beauty but a lamentable scarcity of Catholic churches and consequent long drive to church, felt a bit like going to Ultima Thule spiritually speaking, the idea of which obviously influenced my screen name somewhat.  As I divide my time between the western Norwegian countryside and a small town in eastern Norway within relatively easy reach of Oslo by train, I have, however, even been blessed with greater access to the traditional Mass than I had anticipated!

I desire, though frequently fail miserably even in the very act of desiring, to live my life in and for the love of God through, with, and in Our Lady in the bosom of Holy Mother Church. I love beautiful and dignified church buildings, which may well be simple but should always represent an attempt within the means available of reflecting and pointing to the glory of Him Who is truly present in the Blessed Sacrament (Who is of course to be adored and loved in the most hideous and unworthy of buildings!);  liturgical music; and liturgies that are truly directed to the glory of God and designed to raise one’s heart to Him.  I very much feel the curse of the movement to make the heavenly mundane rather than the mundane heavenly. But there is hope that the tide is turning!

There’s really not that much to tell….Oh, and I love cats, and mountains, sea, fjords, cliffs, and sloping hills.

I may be contacted either through messages on the blog or by emailing catholicofthule@hotmail.co.uk



  1. Hello Kirsten!
    So very nice to “meet” you and a fellow Rogalander at that.:) What a beautiful and interesting description about what’s important to you.
    I love this sentence:
    “and very much feel the curse of the movement to make the heavenly mundane rather than the mundane heavenly”.
    Can I offer my congratulations on your conversion? My husband also joined the church last August and it was such a beautiful thing to witness!
    Well God bless and I hope you are enjoying this changeable but lovely Norwegian summer.:)

  2. ‘Tis changeable indeed, but at least we’re used to that kind of weather here! And I wasn’t exactly spoiled with good and steady weather during my time in Ireland either.

    Lovely to “meet” you too, Colleeen, and a big congratulations and welcome home to your husband with regard to his conversion! And congratulations to you both on your wee boy!


  3. As long as you love your God-daughter as well?

    • Why, of course! In fact, I’ve been trying to post a comment demanding photographic updates on wee Zoë Sunniva for ages, even offering a ‘Norwegian chocolate for updates’ deal! However, blogger is having problems with wordpress comments, and neither your nor Leah’s blog will accept mine….

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  5. Hei Kristin,

    Jeg så at du var fra Rogaland – det er jeg også. Jeg begynte å gå til undervisning i St. Svithun mens sognet fortsatt var drevet av oblatfedrene, så det må ha vært lenge før din tid….Det er hyggelig å treffe på åndsbeslektede mennesker på nettet fra tid til annen.


    • Hei Atle,

      Så hyggelig med kommentar fra en annen rogalending. Nå er jeg strengt tatt en sunnhordlending som er blitt kidnappet av Rogaland. Det vil si at hjemstedet mitt pleide å være del av Sunnhordland, men ligger nå i den nordre del av Rogaland. Men jeg begynner å bli vant med det, så jeg kjennes etterhvert ved mine nye samfylkinger. 🙂

      Hjemsognet mitt er St. Josef i Haugesund, som jo fremdeles spenner over et vidt område også inn i det nåværende Hordaland. Den tradisjonelle Messen i Røldal i fjor ( https://catholicofthule.wordpress.com/2010/07/16/traditional-pilgrimage-in-r%C3%B8ldal/ ) ble jo faktisk holdt innenfor grensene til st. Josef sogn. Jeg vet ikke hvor stort St. Svithun er, men regner med at det også er rimelig stort. Jeg har inntrykk av at sognene her på vestlandet generelt sett ikke akkurat er for små i geografisk utstrekning.

      Jeg konverterte i Irland, nærmere bestemt Belfast, i 2003. Det er herlig å være katolikk, og jeg føler meg veldig heldig som fikk nåden til å komme hjem til Kirken.

  6. My apologies for the late answer. I’m afraid I’m not taking on any new orders just at the minute.

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