Posted by: Catholic of Thule | August 19, 2011

Wire-wrap glass rosaries on sale.

I will from time to time be putting up some wire wrap rosaries made from glass and without the somewhat costly combination of bead caps used for the gemstone rosaries I make. These will all be individually priced as I go along and are not available for custom orders  I am really adding very little for the work on the particular glass rosaries in this sale, so I can safely say that they are a bargain. This is a sale, so the prices below represent more of a ‘first come first served’ deal on these particular rosaries than a price list for future reference. The prices include a wee velvet pouch for the rosary, but postage and packaging comes in addition.

Please email me at if you wish to make a purchase. Information on the wire wrapping technique can be found here.

Blue Tigereye Czech glass rosary with pardon crucifix and miraculous medal centre piece. Price: 190NOK.








Red Tigereye Czech glass rosary with leaves and grapes crucifix and chalice centre piece: 180NOK.








Green Tigereye Czech glass rosary with St Bendict crucifix and centrepiece. These are all 6mm beads, also for the Our Fathers, and contain a cheaper combination of bead caps and spacers than the red and blue equivalent: 140NOK.










Pink glass rosary with fluted crucifix and miraculous centre piece: 90NOK.








I  will not be offering a guarantee per se on my glass rosaries. However, if there should be any problems, I would certainly be amenable to providing the labour involved in fixing them for free so long as I am able to and it is practicable in terms of getting hold of the materials needed and provided all actual costs incurred  are covered by the buyer.



  1. They look very fine, and affordable (for special presents). Must get head down and more stuff off to publisher, to have more pennies!

  2. I have none of the glass rosaries available just at the minute and no set price list for them. If you email me at, I could email you back a price list for the gemstone rossaries, although I suspect they are far too expensive already to be sold on for fund raising. I rather suspect that is the case with the glass rosaries as well, I’m afraid.

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