Posted by: Catholic of Thule | June 16, 2011

Handmade Sodalite wire wrap rosary.

I intend to add pictures of wire wrap rosaries made from the various gemstone I have available as I go alone and will hopefully eventually have pictures and prices of them all on the blog, with all the relevant posts linked under on the side bar.  The following is a Sodalite rosary. The light wasn’t great, and I may replace the images or repost whenever I have a new Sodalite rosary to photograph. At the moment, I have no finished ones left as they have all fled the nest so to speak.

A Sodalite rosary with the combination of bead caps pictured below may be ordered and costs NOK 610 plus the cost of whatever centre piece and crucifix one chooses from the list available. Any postage costs and transaction fees are added unto the price of the rosary itself. If you’re interested in buying a wire wrap rosary from me, you can contact me on There is a range of other stones not featured on the blog yet, and I could send lists by email. My wire wrap gemstone rosaries are made with sterling silver bead caps on all the Hail Mary beads and a combination of sterling silver and silver plated lead free pewter bead caps on the Our Father beads. They are all delivered with a wee velvet pouch which is included in the price.

Wire wrap rosaries take a long time to make but are very durable compared to ordinary wire (chain or eye hook) rosaries. I became interested in them initially because I was myself fed up with my chain rosaries becoming unhooked all the time, having to fix them and then weakening the wires and hooks through all this non-prayer related handling.  With the wire wrap method, the loops are entirely enclosed, with the wire at one end of the loop wrapped around the other end a few times to make a fully closed loop with no wee gaps left for the wire to escape through and the loops to become unhooked (as opposed to the more commonly used initially more or less  tightly closed eye hooks/chains which in my experience often get pulled with use, causing a larger gap and thus weaker connections).

I should mention that prices may of course be subject to change in the future and I may forget to update this post, but current prices will obviously be cited whenever anyone wants to place an order. Once an order has been accepted at a certain price, that is the price which will be charged for it. While I certainly do not expect them to break easily and without unduly rough handling, I offer a guarantee of free repair for the first year. The customer will need to get the rosary to me but I cover the cost of return postage for the first year. After a year, I will be happy  to do the actual repair work for free provided I am still in a position to do the repairs, but the customer will need to cover the cost of postage both ways and the cost of materials.

In addition to the Sodalite, Malachite and Carnelian beads already featured on the blog, I have the following gemstones available: Black Onyx, Blue Onyx, Red Tigereye, Howlite, Blue Lace Agate and Snowflake Obsidian. I also have Hematine, the manmade version of Hematite.



  1. Hello again Kirsten,

    Last year you made a Sodalite rosary for a friend of mine who lives in Canada. Recently, I sent it to her for her birthday and she just loves it..and wrote to me that is very precious to her.
    Thought you would like to know that your beautiful craft work is appreciated very much.

    Wishing you a holy Lent,

    • Thank you so much for your lovely comment, Gail. I’m delighted to hear your friend liked the rosary.

      A holy Lent to you too!

      • Hello! Do you still happen to have this sodalite rosary available? If so, do you ship to the United States?

      • Hi, Abigail. I don’t have a sodalite rosary ready, but I could make one and I certainly do ship to the States. It wouldn’t be ready until sometime in August though. If you’re still interested, please get in touch on

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