Posted by: Catholic of Thule | May 14, 2011

List of centre pieces and crucifixes available for rosaries.

This post will be a wee bit boring for those of you who are not interested in purchasing a handmade wire wrap rosary from me. However, as I am experiencing difficulties emailing pictures of the available centre pieces and crucifixes to potential buyers, I decided to post it here instead for their reference. And as this is my blog, I can do that kind of thing, so there.

So below follows the list with photographs. Unlike most of the bead caps I use, the centre pieces and crucifixes are not precious metal. The cost of that would probably  be quite prohibitive.

I am not selling these apart from the rosaries. The prices refer to how much a particular centre piece or crucifix would add to the full price of the rosary.

The title and description of the parts are written above the pictures of the corresponding part.

Pardon crucifix. Cost: 13 NOK. Size: 2 1/4″.

Stations inlaid crucifix. Price: 19 NOK. Size: 2 1/2″.

Nails Crucifix. Price: 24NOK. Size: 2 1/2″.

Fluted crucifix. Price: 13NOK. Size: 1 5/8″.

Leaves and grapes crucifix. Price: 12NOK. Size: 2″.

Crown of thorns crucifix. Price: 12 NOK. Size: 2″

Molded filagree crucifix. Price: 13 NOK. Size: 2″.

St Benedict crucifix. Price: 10 NOK. Size: 1 1/2″.

Sacred Heart of Jesus. Price: 10 NOK. Size: 3/4″.

Our Lady of Mercy. Price: 9 NOK. Size: 1″.

Miraculous Medal. Price: 11 NOK. Size: 1″.

Our Lady of Sorrows/Jerusalem cross. Price: 8 NOK. Size: 3/4″.

Fatima. Price: 8 NOK. Size: 7/8″.

Chalice. Price: 10 NOK. Size:  7/8″ 3D.

Sacred Heart/Scapular. Price: 11 NOK. Size: 1″.

St. Benedict medal. Price: 10 NOK. Size: 7/8″.

Ecce Homo. Price: 8 NOK. Size: 5/8″ narrow.

Divine Mercy/Madonna. Price: 8 NOK. Size: 5/8″.

Divine Mercy 2. Price: 9 NOK. Size: 1″ oval oxy

St. Michael. Price: 8 NOK. Size: 1″ oval oxy.

I also have a St. Philomena/St. Jean Vianney centre piece, which I will have to add on a later occasion.



  1. […] rosary will cost NOK 610 plus the cost of whatever centre piece and crucifix one chooses from the list available. Any postage costs and transaction fees are added unto the cost of the rosary […]

  2. Hello, do you also ship to holland?

    • Hi, Dominic. In principle, I do ship rosaries to Holland (though not just the centre pieces and crucfixes). However, I’m not really taking on any fresh orders at the moment. Thanks for your inquiry.

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