Posted by: Catholic of Thule | February 8, 2011

Little old ladies – a fair and balanced account.

The story of the elderly lady who foiled the robbery in Northampton has been making the rounds today. My first inclination is, of course, to applaud her courage.

I am very impressed.

However, I cannot help but wonder a little whether we are not a little hasty in our assessment of the situation. Is all really as it seems? We should perhaps, for the sake of a fair and balanced report, include another and perhaps darker aspect of the lives of the grannies among us:



  1. I’m just raging that you got in there before me. 😉 I heard this mentioned on the news when I was out and about earlier and the first thing I thought of was Hell’s Grannies!!!

    Although I’m more concerned about that vicious gang of Keep Left signs…

    • I had a suspicion you would be thinking along the same lines on hearing the report. 🙂

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