Posted by: Catholic of Thule | January 16, 2011

Throwing a question out into the blogosphere….

My 1962 Missal (Ideal) instructs at the elevation of the Sacred Host after the adoration by the priest immediately after the consecration: ‘Look up at the Sacred Host, with faith, piety, and love, saying: “My Lord and my God!” (Indulgence of 7 years)’.

It has been my understanding that this ‘instruction’ with the indulgence attached includes the laity and  indeed is there primarily for the laity, though it would be hard to see that it does not also go for the priest. However, now that I am typing it out, I also want to make sure that it does in fact include the laity, so that means I am throwing two queries out there, of which the first is, as I’d like to point out for those who have not yet had their coffee and would hesitate at the absence of a question mark: does the indulgence pertain both to the laity and the priest?

In the spirit of the gospel wherein the first shall be last and so on, my original question is thus pushed into second place, but, fear not, I will get to it. As the case is, this instruction/suggestion/what have you, is not repeated for the elevation of the Chalice with the Precious Blood. So my question is: Why not? Obviously it does not mean that we are not supposed to adore the Precious Blood with equal fervour. Is it because the instruction has an indulgence attached, and only one may be gained in one Mass? (I guess some might be tempted to complain that that amounts to three queries, to which I reply thusly: What piffle! The last query is clearly a sub-question).



  1. Spennende spørsmål. Du kan prøve å spørre bispedømmets pønitentiar, han vil sikkert sette pris på det:-)
    Uansett, disse spørsmål er bare av teoretisk, ikke praktisk verdi – alle gamle avlat er ikke gyldige mer, bare de fra den siste “enchiridion” teller.
    Beklager, hvis jeg gjør deg oppmerksom på noe du vet – jeg liker selv teoretiske spørsmål…

  2. Hi, Jana. Wonderful to get a comment from you. I will reply to your comment in English for the benefit of those of my readers who do not speak Norwegian, but please do feel free to continue to comment in Norwegian if that is your preference.

    I wasn’t aware that this indulgence was no longer valid, so thanks for pointing that out. Of course, I just recently noticed it, so it won’t really affect my practice at the adoration of the elevation. I often use the above mentioned phrase both at the elevation of the Sacred Host and the Chalice, and will no doubt continue to do so with great frequency. And one should obviously always aim at adoring the Blessed Sacrament with faith, love and piety at the elevation and at other times. As with most indulgenced practices, they are obviously of great value in and of themselves whether the indulgence remains or is removed.

    And, as you point out, the very interesting theoretical question remains as to why my 1962 Missal does not repeat the instruction/suggestion for the adoration of the Precious Blood.

    Thanks also for the link, though I can’t really make much use of it yet with my present rather limited knowledge of Latin. I couldn’t find it in English on the Vatican site. You wouldn’t happen to know if it is available in English elsewhere?

  3. Well, you still get an partial indulgence for this prayer (or any other, actually), as the new rules are very generous as for the partial indulgencies… It just does not say “how much”.
    I usually say after the consecration “Anima Christi” – prayer. I checked now, it used to be awarded with 300 days (even that it is longer than your prayer) and with 7 years if said immediatelly after communion.

    But I have several questions about indulgencies myself and nobody to ask (the man in charge does not answer). For example: My children discovered the partial indulgence for kissing a blessed cross. They just went on and on with kissing, I had to stop them with taking the cross away. Well, is it one indulgence for one kiss? They really worked hard on emptying the purgatory…

    • Well, that is at least a nice child rearing issue to have! 🙂

  4. My missale’s (Marian and Fr Stedman’s both 1962) say:
    Priest genuflects, elevates chalice.
    Bell rings thrice.
    Look at the chalice and devoutly say: We beseech Thee, therefore, help Thy servants, whom Thou has redeemed with Thy Precious Blood. (300 days indulgence)

    It is true indulgences are now partial or plenary without specification of days or years for partial. I do not know why the prayer to the Precious Blood would not have had the same indulgence as the Body. But there it is.

    • Thank you for the contribution, AnnAsher!

      That is a wonderful prayer to say at the adoration of the Precious Blood. It is interesting to see that there was such a discrepancy between the indulgence for this prayer and the above quoted prayer at the elevation of the Sacred Host. Does your missal have the same prayer and indulgence as the Ideal Missal there, Ann?

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