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Wire wrap gemstone rosaries for sale.

Well, I’ve only got one gemstone rosary ready for sale at the moment. The red carnelian rosary has already been sold, but others like it can be made. The malachite rosary has just been finished, though, and is available for sale. I am at the moment just posting the two of them here for viewing, though anyone who would be interested in buying the malachite one may get in touch with me(update: Malachite rosary is also away now but another Malachite rosary may be ordered. See also the new list of centre pieces and crucifixes available to pick from to design your own rosary).

I am considering making a website with a range of gemstone and glass wire wrap rosaries at a wide range of prices. They will all be more expensive than regular rosaries, though, as the method of making them is highly time consuming. Each bead with bead caps has been individually wrapped with pieces of metal wire. Considering the effort and time that goes into making one, only a reasonably  modest sum has been added to the cost of the parts themselves. As they will inevitably be quite a lot more expensive than ordinary rosaries, I have opted also for more exclusive parts for many of them.

The time and effort involved is presumably the reason why most rosaries are not made in this manner, but it gives far more durable rosaries, and, at least in my opinion, also nicer looking ones. These links will not come apart unless the wire itself snaps. I have myself used some that I made with the same wire for quite a while now, taking no particular care to be careful with them, and the wire seems to be very durable. The rosaries will obviously be supplied with a guarantee offering free repair within a reasonable time period if the wire for some reason should have been weakened during the making of the rosary and does snap.

These two gemstone rosaries, Carnelian and Malachite, come with bead caps on each bead. The main bead caps are sterling silver. The additional bead caps on the large rosaries and the spacers are made from antique silver and rodhium plated lead free pewter, which, in my experience, does stay the same colour in spite of wear. The sterling silver bead caps are obviously liable to tarnish, like other silver items, but may of course also be cleaned.

The Carnelian rosary has a Sacred Heart Centre piece and a Pardon crucifix. I have a wide range of centre pieces and crucifixes that may be used and I offer the opportunity for buyers to pick out their own for a custom made rosary. As mentioned, this particular rosary has already been sold, but an identical one would cost NOK (i.e. Norwegian Kroner) 525.

The Malachite rosary is made with a St. Benedict centre pice and a Crown of Thorns Crucifix. Malachite is the most expensive gemstone I have at present, and this particular combination of beads, bead caps, centre piece and crucifix comes to NOK 660.

PS. Click on the pictures for a closer look 🙂

ETA: Prices include a small velvet pouch for greater elegance than provided by a random see-through plastic bag.  🙂

ETAA: In addition to Carnelian and Malachite, I have other semi-precious gemstones like Black Onyx, Sodalite, Red Tigereye, and Snowflake Obsidian (update: I now also have Blue Onyx, Blue Lace Agate and Howlite beads). I also have Hematine, a man-made version resembling true gemstone Hematite, but more affordable and widely used in jewelry. If one wishes to hold out  for the ‘real thing’, be aware that even though stones/products are advertised as Hematite, they may in fact still be the synthetic Hematine/Hemalyke because it appears that they are often losely referred to by the name of their gemstone counterpart. One would do well to double check if choosing a product over another chiefly because one believes it is made from true gemstone Hematite. The Hematine beads are both beautiful and of a good solid weight for those who like a heavier rosary and is one of my personal favourites even though it is also the cheapest among the stones, synthetic or otherwise, that I have.

I do not yet have good pictures of rosaries made from all the stones on the list above, but I do have pictures of part of rosaries made with these stones, which can be emailed upon request, and will be adding posts with pictures as I go along. See sidebar for a list with links to other posts n the blog on the rosaries I have for sale. I also have some glass rosaries.

My contact email is:

ETAAA: In addition to the actual price of these rosaries, any costs relating to postage and fees relating to the method of payment chosen will be added. These added costs will only be to cover the actual costs relating to postage and payment fees. The cheapest  payment method from outside of Norway will usually be paypal. Paypal charges a fee of 3.9%  (plus a small fixed fee) for cross border payments involving a credit or debit card, so I will calculate a charge of 3.9% of the combined sum of the rosaries ordered and the costs involve in postage and add this to that sum to recouperate the bulk of this fee. (If one has a paypal accunt and wishes to pay through paypal using only one’s paypal balance or a bank transfer to paypal, this charge falls to 0.5%, but the buyer would need to inform me of this beforehand and abide by using a method of payment via paypal which does not involve a credit or debit card at any stage. If one fails to do this, the extra fee charged by paypal will need to be payed in a follow up payment.) UK residents are free to make the payment into my UK account and thus avoid any extra fees.The total sum I charge will be calculated and submitted for the buyer’s approval before one finally commits to buying the rosary, so there will be no hidden fees or unexpected charges from my side.

Of course, when ordering  from outside of Norway, buyers should also be aware that customs in your country may add import duty/VAT and fees relating to this. The buyers will need to check this out and pay for this themselves upon import. EU residents should take into account that Norway is not part of the EU. If applicable, customs charges are, as far as I know,  administered by the postal service in most countries, which normally require payment before delivering the parcel.

The prices of the various rosaries may increase at a future date, not least because the costs of the parts may increase with new supplies. I may forget to update the prices stated in this post, but updated prices will be supplied upon emailing to order a rosary. Once an order has been agreed to at a certain price, that is the price that will be paid for the rosary.



  1. Wow, they are really stunning. Unfortunately I’m not really in a position to buy one at the moment, but I do hope you get some sales. They’re gorgeous! 🙂

  2. they are beautiful! But out of my league – two weeks ago I was agonizing over whether I could justify spending €10 on a rosary 😦

    • Yes, I’m afraid the cost price of the bead caps alone exceeds €10. 🙂 The thing with the wire wrap method is that it is so time consuming (with the upside that the method is a lot sturdier than the ordinary links as they are closed and cannot unhook), that it sort of makes sense to use good materials and make rosaries that are also nicer than the standard. I do have some made from glass as well, but they are also sadly over €10. :-/

      • I agree absolutely. If it’s going to end up being so time consuming and the materials are expensive anyway, you may as well use good materials and produce something that will last and can be passed on to your children etc. When I’m rich and famous I’m going to buy loads of them! 😉

  3. Totally love these rosary’s Kirsten. I am going to start saving for one. They look much more sturdy that others I have had in the past.

  4. […] This post will be a wee bit boring for those of you who are not interested in purchasing a handmade wire wrap rosary from me. However, as I am experiencing difficulties emailing pictures of the available centre […]

  5. Your Rosaries a very beautiful! I’m visiting here because Therese highlighted you on the “Pay It Forward” blog meme. The Rosaries you made for her are spectacular. I’m not exactly familiar with what the U.S. dollar conversion would be, but I’m thinking it would be about $100 U.S. dollars or a little more. What about shipping? Do you have an idea of the cost of shipping? I can’t actually afford to purchase a Rosary now, but if I did want to try to save up … I was trying to get a ballpark idea of how much it would cost.

    Your work is beautiful, and I love the idea of a website that give more details!


    • Thank you very much for your kind comments, Holly!

      Here is a currency converter tool which I believe is pretty accurate (give or take a few dollars perhaps) so that you can check all the prices at any given time. It’s the one I use most of the time when checking the cost of items in foreign currencies.The exchange obviously varies with time. For the Malachite rosary featured it would appear to be about $123 at the moment and for the Carnelian featured about $98. As mentioned in the post, I have other types of beads and I have a list of prices and also pictures of all but the most recently purchased types that I could send if you would like at any time. I am also going to post them on the blog, so they should turn up soon. The prices might go up a little bit soon as I am experimenting with a new wire, which is every so slightly thicker and which I know has been specially tempered, but the increase to account for a somewhat more expensive wire shouldn’t be all that much. The cost of shipping to America (and anywhere else outside of Europe) for one rosary will be about 42 NOK, for two about 80NOK and 3 about 82NOK. I am not sure how much you can import into the US through the post without incurring export duty or VAT but there should be a customs page with that information. It varies wildly from country to country. Australia has a very high limit so people can purchase a number of rosaries at a time without incurring any charges for the import.

      • I wrote: “The prices might go up a little bit soon as I am experimenting with a new wire, which is every so slightly thicker and which I know has been specially tempered, but the increase to account for a somewhat more expensive wire shouldn’t be all that much.”

        After having made a rosary with the new wire, and done some calculations, it turns out that it will only be marginally more expensive than the wire I am using now, so I will not be making any changes in the present prices of the various gemstone rosaries until there are more added expenses from an additional increase in the actual cost of that and/or other items. 🙂

  6. I have a sale on wire wrap glass rosaries at the moment:

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