Posted by: Catholic of Thule | December 19, 2010

Rorate Caeli Desuper

From the presenters of Gloria TV:


Ye heavens, drop down the dew from above,

and let the clouds rain down the Just One.


Be not angry, O Lord,

remember no more our iniquities.

Behold the city of the Holy One is deserted,

Sion is laid desolate,

Jerusalem is laid waste:

the home of Thy sanctification and of  Thy glory,

where our fathers praised Thee.


Ye heavens….


We have sinned, and we are become like the unclean;

we are fallen like the leaves,

and our sins, like the storm, have carried us away.

Thou hast hidden Thy face from us,

and hast thrown us into the power of our sins.


Ye heavens…


Behold, O Lord, the affliction of Thy people,

and send Him whom Thou wilt send forth,

the Lamb, the ruler of the earth,

from the rock of the desert to the mountain of the daughter of Sion,

that He may take away the yoke of our captivity.


Ye heavens…


Be comforted, be comforted, O my people:

thy Saviour shall come quickly.

Why hath grief devoured thee?

Why hath sorrow disfigured thee!

I will save thee: fear not:

for I am the Lord thy God,

the Holy One of Israel, thy Redeemer.


Ye heavens….


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