Posted by: Catholic of Thule | November 30, 2010

Intolerable cuteness!!!

The E-litter of  my sister’s cattery are cuteness percatified! It must be said that they resemble the other litters in terms of their cuteness factor.  Their mother is from the A-litter and is living with a host-lady – along with the kitties, of course.

And, if you happen to have survived that onslaught of intolerable cuteness, you may click here to further test your endurance:



  1. I want them all!!! 🙂 They are adorable!

  2. I think my sister could start up a wee postcard business.

  3. An “E-litter”??? Does that mean that they are only virtual, photo-shopped kitties? 😛

    • They do look too cute to be real!!! 🙂

      But, no, it just means that they are the fifth litter of Haapet’s kittens and all thus have names beginning with the fifth letter of the alphabet. Usually there’s a theme as well, but not this time.

      One would think one’s own goddaughter’s father would be paying better attention to the exciting kitten developments tracked on this blog….

  4. How cute the kitties are. I love reading your blog first time commenter sorry i will try more often.

    I am a little upset at the moment from reading this online opinion. I have family in Australia and sometimes my brother has written here I was very upset this person was outright attacking an Australian Cardinal, just so distasteful. Atheism seems to be so distasteful and full of mockery.

    • Thanks for your kind words about the kitties and the blog!

      I’m sorry to hear you got upset from the comments on the Australian site. I haven’t really got reading them in detail, so I won’t comment too much. On first sight, it does seem like the writer of the article may have taken the cardinal up wrong on some points. On the other hand, I am quite certain that the cardinal and the atheist would have genuine disagreements on this issue! Which they are of course free to discuss in public.

      Sarcasm is a much loved tool on the internet which strikes us most when used against someone or something dear to us. It can sometimes be genuinely difficult to know when humour and irony crosses the line to a sarcasm that becomes a tool we should rather try to avoid because of charity, but even when we do know, it can be very tempting to resort to it anyway. I guess the best way to react to being hurt by someone else’s employment of these tools is to think twice about what we write ourselves and what is acceptable and what is not. It is difficult and sadly it is not something from which we as Christians are immune to either. Perfect discernment on what is acceptable and within the bounds of charity and a will to follow through with a truly prudent judgment would be nice, but, to be fair, we Christians do often fail in this too!

      Sometimes when we are very emotional about something, it can be better to leave it aside for a little bit and either return to it later or decide not to enter into that particular discussion at all.

  5. thank you for your words, i will try and use them. i need to stay off blogger for a while, feel so unwell and need to be busy, practically. keep praying, please.ros

    • I will be keeping you in prayer and hope things look up soon!

      PS. For those who may be wondering, Ros’ comment does not concern Maria’s post or my reply to it (or the kittens), but something I had written on her own blog, which is temporarily closed.

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