Posted by: Catholic of Thule | October 4, 2010

From Dusk to Dawn.

One of my sister’s cats, Nikapus, gave birth to two beautiful and quite big kittens a little over two weeks ago. This was the fourth litter of Haapet’s kittens, so we had reached the letter D, and Gunborg had decided on names to do with natural phenomena. As the first wee kitten was a blue male and the second a wee cream coloured kitten, the names Dusk and Dawn sprang to mind. The problem was that Dawn is not a particularly masculine name and we thought wee Dawn was a male kitten too. However, my sister decided to go with Dawn regardless, and the wee critter  helpfully turned out to be female after all.

Here are pictures of the two wee ones at two weeks and three days:

There you go, much cuter than Quentin Tarantino’s version!!!



  1. They are of course super cute!!!

  2. Adorable…I love cats!

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