Posted by: Catholic of Thule | August 31, 2010

Rosary design market research.

I’ve just received a big parcel of crucifixes and center pieces (as well as some beads) from St. Joseph’s Mail Order in Canada! Woohoo! The only disappointment was that I had forgotten to order Trinity crucifixes, but I’ve obviously only myself to blame for that.

Anyway, I’ve designed some beads with Czech glass, which are a little more elaborate than the ones I made first and so I am doing a bit of market research. Unfortunately, I can’t take really detailed pictures with my camera, so these are the best I can do. What I am interested in knowing from my discerning readers are whether the wee spacer beads between the Hail Mary and Our Father beads work well. You may compare with the green Czech glass beads here for which I just used tiny beads as spacers. In addition, I am using smaller and more delicate bead caps, as well as bead caps around the spacer beads.

Rosary beads with pardon crucifix.

And here an image with the back of the pardon crucifix showing. There is an image of the Sacred Heart on the back of the crucifix, and the words ‘Behold this heart which has so loved men’ and ‘Father, forgive them’.


And here’s a wee review picture of the green beads:

I don’t know if these pictures are good enough to judge whether the design with the wee spacer beads work. But, anyway, it’s possible to get an enhanced if somewhat blurry image by clicking twice on each picture to get a  somewhat better idea of how they look. So here’s the poll:


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