Posted by: Catholic of Thule | July 28, 2010

Rosary beads.

I’ve long been annoyed at the fact that most of my metal rosary beads that keep falling apart on me. Then I came across wire wrapped rosaries online, and decided to give it a go. I’ve now remade my hematite rosary beads and made a set with green tiger eye Czech glass ordered from the US. Now, they take forever to make, so I can understand why most rosaries out there are not made with this technique, but it is easy to see that they would be much more durable. And I think wire wrapping also makes for prettier rosaries, though these are the first two I’ve ever made, so they do not do the technique justice. Making them was good fun, though.



  1. VERY cool. Where do you get the parts? I love the Trinity crucifix in the top photo — reminds me of the one I had in the Manor. 🙂

    • Well, for these, I mainly reused parts of old rosaries, and some parts that I had lying around. The tiger eye beads, I bought from Artbeads in the US, and I’ve bought some other stuff from them as well. I also received an order for crucifixes, centre parts and beads from St. Joseph’s Mail Order in Canada. And then I’ve been using some hobby shops here and in Moss for the tools and some bits and pieces.

  2. Very beautiful. I have one lovely rosary that my brother gave me for Christmas one year and amazingly it has survived and I use it still and am so glad it hasn’t broken yet. Not to be business-like but have you ever considered selling them? They’re really lovely. Wonderful work!

    • Thank you, Colleen! I’ve only just started making them, but I’m hoping I might be able to sell some in the future.

      • I think it’s a great idea!:) I hope you don’t mind I put a link to your site on my blog (easier for me to find:)!! Have a lovely weekend!

  3. Not at all. Have a lovely weekend too!

  4. Catholic of Thule,

    I don’t mean to sound creepy or stalkerish, but I saw over on Father Finigan’s blog you posted a question about the Kyrie. And I know it doesn’t relate to the rosary post here, but I don’t have a google account and couldn’t post a reply there. That’s a style called Organum and my favorite singer’s of it are Ensemble Organum conducted by Marcel Perez. They are on iTunes and that particular Kyrie is exactly the same as the one they sing on the album Ecole Notre Dame: Messe Du Jour De Noël. That’s not their best album (the kyrie is the best song by far) but their chants of the templars is amazing! It’s on youtube as well:
    Crucem Sanctum –
    Media Vita in Morte Sumus is not on their, but it’s my favorite chant by them. I love, love love this style so I simply had to answer your question..hopefully you can spread the word to Father Finigan, but if not oh well!


    • Hi, Chris, and thank you so much for the information and the link. Nice! I’m certainly going to check them out some more. I’ll post over on Father Finigan’s blog for you.

  5. […] the Hail Mary and Our Father beads work well. You may compare with the green Czech glass beads here for which I just used tiny beads as spacers. In addition, I am using smaller and more delicate bead […]

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