Posted by: Catholic of Thule | March 2, 2010


I flew from Oslo to Haugesund today, and found myself wondering why passengers are not allowed to walk under the airplane wings. If  there is a reasonable likelihood that bits of the wing will come off and injure passengers who take the short cut under it, should the plane even be taking off? Is this prohibition perhaps a plot to force us to take more exercise by walking around the wing?



  1. Or maybe they’re afraid that passengers will get sucked into the jet engines???

  2. That is a theoretical possibility, but I still find the enforced exercise theory quite convincing.

  3. In order to bolster my theory against the paper thin ‘preventing passengers from being sucked into jet engines’ proposition, I should add a couple of things. Yesterday we had to walk all the way over to international arrivals due to ‘ongoing reconstruction work’…without even being able to shop at duty free, I should add! The time before that, everyone was left outside a door that wouldn’t open properly and it took ages before someone came over and sorted it out for us. In the freezing cold, moving about was the best way to keep warm. Coincidences? I think not.

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